Cochclear Implant and Hearing Loss Simulator
AngelSimTM (TigerCIS)
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Quiet, Noise and Music Sounds

To explore the parameters that affect speech understanding most

AngelSim TM provides a uniqe tool to explore the importance of various parameters on speech understanding. The parameters allow the user to modify the paramters in three dimensions, including frequency, time, and amplitude. Play more, you will have better understanding how speech understanding is affected by various parameters. Peak Picking Strategies (How Many Spectral Peak are Needed for Speech Understanding?): Effects of Various Spectral Shift (Does Spectral Shift Matter?): Two Ear is Better Than One! (Try using headphone to hear the sound): Simulation of Single-side Deafness (Can SSD Benefit from Cochlear Implants?)
Effects of Number of Spectral Channels in Quiet, Noise (0-dB), and Music