Cochclear Implant and Hearing Loss Simulator
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This update includes the following program modifications:

Version 1.08.01 Update (September 27, 2012): Implement real-time processing for Audiogram-based Hearing Loss Simulation; Version 1.07.03 Update (September 26, 2012): Visualized Hearing Loss with Speech Banana Charts. Version 1.07.02 Update (August 24, 2012): Allow the program to handle different audiograms in two ears for hearing loss simulation. Version 1.07.01 Update (August 23, 2012): Provide spatial hearing function. Please Setup the Binaural Hearing Parameter in “Background Noise” Option. Version 1.06.03 Update (August 21, 2012): Allow to load custom audiogram measured from AngelHear TM program. To simulate the broadening auditory filters of hearing loss. Version 1.06.02 Update (July 9, 2012): Add the function to view of cutoff frequency of filterbands. Version 1.06.01 Update (July 6, 2012): Fix the MAP based processor, change the layout and program name. Version 1.05.05 Update (Feb 10, 2012): Support the Stereo WAV file. Version 1.05.04 Update (Feb 6, 2012): Able to read the WAV file with non-audio header. However, only 1-channel WAV is supported. Version 1.05.03 Update (Feb 16, 2010): Add amplitude mapping function in the program. Version 1.05.02 Update (July 1, 2008): Add "option" button to incoporate some potential variables in the processor while simplying the main interface Add "Pitch" change functin in the temp change function. Version 1.05.01 Update (June 25, 2008): Redesign to simplify the interface and make the program easy to use
Please click here to download the latest version 1.08.01 (2.8M). Please click here to download the latest version 1.08.01 (2.8M). AngelSimTM Latest Update